Gwibber twitter not updating

11-Jan-2018 10:17

Tweets load slowly and the "There is a problem" message pops up once again.?????????????????

Actually, Tweetz is using the newer OAuth system implemented by Twitter.

Actually, I noticed that I was now getting a 401 error (Unauthorized) instead of 400.

After a few years of announcements, releases and online reviews, I am still out there looking for the right, if not the perfect, Twitter client on Linux. Why would I want to use a Twitter client on my desktop? I could just open a new tab on my browser and have Twitter there.

A more useful means of using this task is to parameterise the Twitter target to take a specified message so that it can be called from different deployment targets: There are lots of extensions from this idea such as updating Twitter with continuous integration results, failed builds, code coverage metrics.

gwibber was working fine and dandy, until one day i could no longer get twitter updates through it, it just gives 'HTTP error 400: bad request" in the little error viewer. I even tried purging gwibber and reinstalling but no luck.

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A friend had been talking up the Peppermint Linux distro and had given me an ISO for it.It has an AMD Ahtlon II X2 245 processor (dual core), an ASUS main board, and 4GB of DDR2 RAM.

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