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“I still remember much of what I studied and it was interesting back then learning something for the degree course and then seeing it action at work.” Mr Lister has always been interested in IT and computing and studied an IT module as part of his degree course.

He said: “I moved into our IT department just as I was finishing my degree and again, that was a great way to learn more about the company. Describe your perfect night in: Nice meal, wine and a good movie. Born exactly the same, but with the foreknowledge I have now.

But while Adrian and Gillian Bayford claim the huge sum led to the split, there’s also the small matter of a rumoured affair between Mrs Bayford and the couple’s gardener – and accusations that Mr Bayford ran over his alleged love rival with a golf buggy.

Friends also say that while Mrs Bayford revelled in the luxury lifestyle afforded by their Euro Millions win, Mr Bayford struggled to enjoy the high life and had not settled in at the couple’s country estate.

I know different people like different things, but if I had won it I would have motor cars and all the nice luxuries in life – helicopters and boats.

Iorworth Hoare, from near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, was dubbed the 'Lotto rapist' after scooping £7.2 million in 2004 when he bought a Lotto Extra ticket while on day release from prison.

A FORMER apprentice at one of Sunderland’s largest employers has just completed his first year in charge of the company.

Mark Lister, 36, is general manager at pump maker Grundfos, having joined the company straight from school.

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Shell on Barolin St near Hinkler Central had one of the highest prices for unleaded petrol at 144.9 cents per litre.

“It was a tough time, really long hours, but I was combining furthering my education while at the same time working full-time.

“I always thought I’d take a degree, but wanted to work first, and the company gave me the chance to do both.

In the leadup to Christmas prices across most of the big chains hovered around 119.9.

Just two months ago Bundaberg was crowned the cheapest place in Queensland to buy unleaded petrol.

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