Nis slave not updating global address book not updating

12-Aug-2017 01:48

NIS is slightly more complex as it uses encryption for the data transfers between the NIS server and NIS client.Regular NIS does not use encryption, thus it should only be used for isolated or private networks protected by a firewall.This timeout controls how long yppush will wait for a response from a slave server before sending a map transfer request to the next slave server in the list. In environments with many slaves, it is more efficient to initiate several map transfers at once so that the transfers can take place in parallel.It is not possible to run in parallel and assign a fixed port with the --port flag specify a port for yppush to listen on.NIS stores administrative files like and so on in Berkeley DB files.This data is made available over the network to all the clients that are connected to the NIS domain.This is a short guide on how to configure NIS (Network Information Service) on the server and client machines.Network Information Service (NIS) is the traditional directory service on Unix/Linux platforms.

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The user account is created only on the NIS server.A destination host (or a list of hosts with multiple -h commands) can also be specified on the command line.