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03-Sep-2017 07:42

I love this question because you get great insight about what’s really important to the person you’re dating.

He may say his mom, his i Phone6, his boys night of poker, his Jack Daniels, his German Sheppard, Sunday night football or his X-box addiction.

Right, have babies and settle down within the next year!

Asking someone what their relationship goals are seems pretty common sense to me.

You want to stop repeating past mistakes and keep your eyes open for clues that might reveal whether Mr./Ms. But the trick is not to come off as being too heavy-handed, like you’re leading an interrogation squad; after all, it’s a date, not Recently, I spoke to men and women who’ve mastered the art of investigative finesse on their dates.

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Or they respond by telling me that they like ‘the normal stuff — work, hanging out with friends, etc.’ I look for the guy who brightens up at the question and starts to tell me all about whatever it is that he’s into right now.

Some people who are dating online are there for various reasons and at different stages in their dating life.