University arizona carbon dating dinosaur bones

28-Jul-2017 18:59

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rex bones that were not totally fossilized and even found what appeared to be blood cells in them. Mary Schweitzer said, “It was exactly like looking at a slice of modern bone. I once suggested to someone that we take a man made diamond and, if possible, date it to see what came out the other end.Bottom line - stupid creationist was caught being stupid. Non-avain dinosaurs became extinct much to far into the past for there to be any carbon 14 originally found in any dinosaur to be detectable. All I see in the link is a bunch of butthurt over getting their shit washed away and empty assertions.The fact that they mention the fucking flood is enough to dismiss this as hoaxing as there is NO EVIDENCE (including this set of lies) of this global flood. RSAnother possibility, of course, is that the fossils in question were in a stratum overlaid by a younger stratum containing various radionuclides, and any carbon present in the fossils absorbed neutrons from those also says here link that C14 dating can be extended to 100,000 years using accelerator techniques which I believe were used in some of the tests listed in the OPCraig Westly wrote: C14 has a half life of only 5730 years.I was wondering what the exact reason was that this guys research of C14 in the dinosaur bones he found, were thrown out? I just have a creationist friend that won't stop bugging me about this guy and I can't find the exact reason why the AOGS-AGU at the Singapore Conference, threw out his research?Sure there are numerous claims that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago due to radiometric dating of the KT geological boundary.

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Dinosaur bones have been consistently measured at ~65 million or more years.

Problem is, of course, at the time, I didn't think it was possible to carbon date a diamond however, in fact it is possible to do just that as the article below shows.

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